Galaxy note 7 breaks south korean pre


The Galaxy chú ý 7 is Samsung’s next big thing for 2016. Building on the successful Galaxy S7 edge, the lưu ý 7 is packed khổng lồ the brim with features.

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While the new Touchwiz on the handset does make it easier to lớn navigate around the UI, it is still not enough khổng lồ try out all the features that Samsung has tucked into the device. So, to help you make the most of your new Galaxy note 7, we have some tips & tricks for you.

Change Display Scaling

On almost all game android devices that I use, I over up changing its DPI lớn display more information. With a big screen, the content on the screen should scale to lớn display more information and not show the same amount of information in a larger font.

On the lưu ý 7, Samsung has included a handy Display Scaling option that lets users change the system DPI i.e. The amount of information being displayed on the screen. This can be done by switching toCondensedoption under Settings -> Display -> Display Scaling.

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Redeem your Galaxy Gifts

To make sure that you get a feeling of getting the most bang for your bucks, Samsung has gotten into a habit of bundling some không tính phí apps and services with its flagship devices. The Galaxy note 7 is no different in this regard as Samsung has bundled a bunch of không tính phí apps, games, in-game currencies, và more with the phone.

To redeem your Galaxy Gifts, simply head over lớn the Galaxy Apps store.

S Pen tips

Samsung has included two different S Pen tips with the cảnh báo 7. They are both meant for different purposes và not a replacement piece that many people might be led to believe. The softer S Pen tip is khổng lồ be used when you don’t have any screen protector installed on your Galaxy chú ý 7, while the harder tip is meant lớn be used when a screen protector installed on the display.


In Samsung’s own words:

“The additional S Pen tips that come with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 are made up of different materials lớn suit different needs. The black & white S Pen tips are made of Elastomer, which gives it a rubbery finish, while the grey S Pen tips are made from Polyoxymethylene, which gives it a plastic finish. The rubber tip offers better grip while the plastic tip provides smoother liên hệ with the Note7 screen. The default pen tip of the S Pen is the rubber tip. Samsung has included five additional pen tips with every Note7, three rubber tips and two plastic tips, to lớn cater lớn different preferences và usage scenarios of Note7 customers.”

USB Type-C adapters and cables

The Galaxy lưu ý 7 is the first device from Samsung lớn use a USB Type-C port. To lớn ease the pain of this transition, Samsung has included a USB Type-C to lớn microUSB adapter in the retail box of the cảnh báo 7. As is usually the case with adapters, there is a high probability that you will kết thúc up losing it & will soon be ordering some replacement ones from Amazon. I will also recommend buying some spare USB Type-C cables while you are at it.

However, don’t buy the cheapest USB cable or adapter that you come across. USB Type-C is still a new standard và there are many cables & adapters floating around in the market that are not built according to lớn the proper spec. This can lead lớn your lưu ý 7 being damaged, so make sure to lớn buy USB Type-C cables and adapters from renowned brands. As a precaution, also make sure to read the reviews of other customers to lớn ensure the cable or adapter has no issues.


Always On Display

If you are switching to lớn the Galaxy lưu ý 7 from the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, don’t dismiss the Always On Display feature right away. On the latter devices, the Always On Display mode was of limited use since it could only show notifications from three system apps. On the note 7 though, Samsung has refined this feature lớn ensure that it works with all third-party apps và services as well.

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And if this will be your first experience with Always On Display, make sure khổng lồ customise it according to your liking from Settings -> Display -> Always On Display. While the feature does have some impact on the battery life of the lưu ý 7, the hit is marginal, khổng lồ say the least.

Blue Light Filter

Taking a cue out of Apple’s book, Samsung has shipped the Galaxy lưu ý 7 with a handy xanh light filter option.For the unknown, research has proved that the xanh light being emitted from a smartphone’s display adds extra strain lớn your eyes and can affect your sleeping cycle.

So, the blue light filter option on the Galaxy lưu ý 7 circumvents this problem by giving the display a warmish temperature. Samsung, in fact, has gone a step ahead and included a handy sunset to sunrise toggle that automatically enables the xanh light filter when the sunsets and disables it when it rises. You can also phối a custom schedule for the blue light filter to lớn automatically enable/disable itself.


You can access the xanh light filter option on the Galaxy chú ý 7 from Settings -> Display -> xanh light filter.

One-handed operation

Despite coming with a curved AMOLED display, there is no denying the fact that the note 7 is a large device. In case you are having trouble using the device one-handed in certain scenarios, you can shrink the UI to lớn aid one-handed usability.

You can enable one-handed operation on the cảnh báo 7 by going toSettings -> Advanced features -> One-handed operation. From there, enable theReduce Screen Sizeoption. Now, you can quickly shrink the UI on your chú ý 7 by triple pressing the trang chủ button of the device in quick succession.

Quickly Erase Contents

If the Galaxy cảnh báo 7 is your first chú ý and this is the first time using the S Pen, here’s a handy tip: you can quickly erase any nội dung that you have written using the S Pen by tapping the side button on it. This will make the S Pen act as an eraser using which you can quickly & easily erase content.

FM Radio

If you own a Snapdragon 820 powered variant of the Galaxy note 7, you will be glad to know that the handset comes with a built-in FM radio. While the hardware tư vấn is present, Samsung has not preloaded any phầm mềm on the handset that would allow you khổng lồ use the FM radio. Not lớn worry though, since you can use a third-party phầm mềm called NextRadio to lớn enjoy the good old FM radio on your Galaxy lưu ý 7.

All the carrier variants of the Galaxy cảnh báo 7 in the United States, including those from Verizon, AT&T, & Sprint, tư vấn FM radio.


What are you favorite tips and tricks for the Galaxy note 7? Drop in a comment below & let us know about them!